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The Conversion Path

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How the transition from Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations to Scroll Documents works.

  • What exactly will be converted during this process.

The Conversion

If you have Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations installed, there's a handy conversion tool available for space admins in any Scroll managed space.

Update to the latest version

We’re constantly updating the conversion tool, so we recommend updating to the latest available version of Scroll Versions and Translations before starting a conversion.

The conversion does not affect your original content

During the conversion, a copy of your Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations managed space is created. The new space is then managed by Scroll Documents. This means you can run a test conversion at any time without affecting your original content.

Once you've created this new Scroll Documents managed space, the process to migrate to Cloud or Data Center differs based on your hosting environment:

  • Confluence Cloud move: If you're heading to Confluence Cloud, you'll rely on the Atlassian Cloud Migration Assistant to transfer your new Scroll Documents space to the Cloud platform.

  • Data Center transition: Opting for Data Center?

    • If you're moving your content to a new Confluence system, you'll want to: Create an XML export of your existing space and then import it into your new system. This ensures a seamless transfer.

    • If you're upgrading from a Server system to a single node Data Center and just replace the license key, the process is done after the conversion. No need for extra steps in this scenario.

Below you’ll find a visual that shows what the conversion from Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations to Scroll Documents looks like if you migrate to Confluence Cloud:

What is Converted?

As we mentioned before, the conversion tool creates a copy of your original space. The difference is that this new space is now managed by Scroll Documents. In the table below, you’ll find information around how different content properties, metadata and macros are migrated to the new space:

Please note

The table below only accounts for content and data that's available in spaces which have been converted via the Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations inbuilt conversion tool.


Conversion status


Page Attachments

Converted (tick)

  • All attachment versions are converted.

  • Creation date of the initial attachment version is converted.

  • Creation date of later versions are dated to the conversion.

Page comments

Converted (tick)

  • Converted comments are dated to the conversion date.

  • Original authors of comment are kept.

Inline comments

Converted (tick)

Inline comments can be converted over to the new Scroll Documents managed space.

Page history

Not converted (error)

Only the latest page revision (Confluence page version) is converted.

Page drafts

Not converted (error)

Only changes that have been published to the pages are converted.

Version information

Converted (tick)

  • Description is converted to the Scroll Documents version description.

  • Release date is appended to the Scroll Documents version description.

  • Creation date is not kept in Scroll Versions, so Scroll Documents' versions are dated to the conversion date.

Space permissions

Converted (tick)

The converting user will receive space admin permissions in the created space by default. Optionally, the space permissions can be copied.

Scroll Versions-applied restrictions (“Scroll Roles”)

Not converted (error)

Page restrictions

Converted (tick)

User-applied page restrictions are converted.

Page Keys

Converted (tick)

Page Keys are available in Scroll Documents as Context Keys and are converted.

Duplicate Page Titles

Converted differently (info)

In Scroll Documents, page names can get a prefix of their version name to avoid conflicts between different versions of the same page. If there is a conflict within a version, conversion process will make the following additions:

  • A number increment will be appended to the page title, such as "Introduction 1".

  • The duplicate page title will be added as a Scroll Page Title to the page, and is displayed when viewing the page in the Document reader or Scroll Viewport, or when exporting it using one of the Scroll Exporters.

Workflow states

Not converted (error)

Scroll Documents does not support page workflows, so any workflow states assigned to pages will not be available after the conversion.

If you need workflow support, please comment on the respective improvement requests:

  • DOCS-17 - Implement support for workflows/approvals

  • DOCS-36 - Integration with Comala Document Management

Include Library Spaces

Converted differently (info)

Scroll Documents does not support version-aware content reuse across spaces or documents. Content that is included from other spaces using the Include Library feature from Scroll Versions, is copied into the generated document as part of the conversion to Scroll Documents.

We recommend to not change the default conversion settings here, so the Include library will be copied into the new space outside of your Scroll Document. This allows you to keep reusing content in your Working version, while include macros in already saved versions will be resolved, which means the content in those saved versions becomes static.

Include Library pages reused across multiple versioned spaces will be imported into every Scroll Document and thus will duplicated.

To learn more about conversion with Include Libraries, see: Conversion with Include Libraries

SEO feature

Not converted (error)

Scroll Versions' SEO feature allowed to customize the HTML page titles of the versioned space. The HTML title of pages will revert to Confluence default.

We recommend looking into Scroll Viewport to optimize your content for readability and searchability.

Scroll Versions and Translations macros

Converted (tick)

Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations macros are either replaced with their native counterparts in Confluence or Scroll Documents, or saved as they are during conversion. This list includes:

Incoming and outgoing dynamic links within the same space

Converted (tick)

During the conversion process, dynamic page links within the same space will undergo transformation. In the newly managed Scroll Documents space, these links will be updated to point to the corresponding pages within the same Scroll Documents space.

Dynamic links are created using Confluence's built-in Link feature and direct to other pages within the Confluence system. They differ from static web links, which continue to point to the configured URLs.

Incoming links from other spaces pointing to pages within the Scroll Versions or Translations managed space

Not converted (error)

Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations do not fully support linking between different spaces, meaning that these tools do not manage external links. Additionally, the conversion tool is only capable of handling one space at a time and creates new Confluence pages.

Therefore, after conversion, links from other spaces will still point to the pre-conversion pages managed by Scroll Versions and Translations.

Manual updating of the links is necessary to direct them to the correct new pages in the converted space.

To determine if your spaces have any incoming links from other spaces, you can utilize the migration report.

Next Steps

Now it’s time to learn more about Scroll Documents. Please proceed to the following sections:

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