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Workflow Statuses After Conversion

When converting from Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations to Scroll Documents, understanding what gets converted and how features align is crucial. This article addresses questions regarding workflow statuses after conversion.

For more detailed information on what gets converted to Scroll Documents and how its features compare to the legacy apps Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations, read:

Are My Workflow Statuses Preserved After Conversion to Scroll Documents?

For audit purposes, page statuses from Comala Document Management are copied over to the newly converted space. However, please note:

  • Only the status of the latest page revision is included. Historical data is not copied.

  • You need to enable Comala Document Management in the new space to see the status. However, since Scroll Documents does not integrate with Comala Document Management, we do not recommend actively using any workflows in this space for reasons other than displaying the old page status.

Page statuses from Scroll Versions own built-in workflow are not copied over.

If you need workflow support in your Scroll Documents managed space, please comment on the respective improvement requests:

  • DOCS-17 - Implement support for workflows/approvals

  • DOCS-36 - Integration with Comala Document Management

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