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Convert a Space to Scroll Documents

In this article, we'll walk you through the steps to convert a space managed by Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations into a Scroll Document.

This process consists of four stages:

  1. Control the Apps and Their Versions

  2. Run the Scroll Health Check

  3. Go over the Conversion Options

  4. Perform the Conversion to Scroll Documents

1. Control the Apps and Their Versions

To kick off the conversion, you need to ensure you have the right apps and the required versions installed:

  • Scroll Documents: At least version 3.X has to be installed in order to perform a conversion.

  • Scroll Versions and/or Scroll Translations: Make sure you have the latest compatible version with your Confluence instance.

If your Confluence version supports it, we recommend using the latest versions of all apps whenever possible.

Here's how to confirm if you have the correct apps and versions:

  1. Navigate to Confluence administration via the cog icon.

  2. Click Manage apps.

  3. Look for the apps in the list. If any of the required apps are missing, generate Data Center trials for them (you can do this even if you're still on Server).

2. Run the Scroll Health Check

Once you've confirmed all the apps and their correct versions, it's time to run one last Scroll Health Check in your spaces to ensure no new problems have surfaced that could delay your conversion:

  1. Navigate to the desired space.

  2. Go to Space tools > Scroll add-ons > Health Checks.

  3. Click Check.

If an error or warning appears, click Repair if the option is available. If there's no repair button and you see an error, try resolving it manually following the documentation or contact our support for guidance. If no errors or warnings appear, you're ready to proceed.

3. Go Over the Conversion Options

Read the article about the Conversion Options before starting the actual conversion.

4. Perform the Conversion to Scroll Documents

To convert a space into a Scroll Document, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Space tools > Scroll Add-ons > click Convert to Scroll Documents.

  2. (Optional) If your space's conversion is blocked by any migration blockers, you'll be notified here. Resolve them if possible and proceed.

  3. Select Start Conversion to initiate the migration wizard.

  4. Enter a name and space key for your new space.

  5. Select Next.

  6. Choose one version to be converted as the Working version, which is a dedicated draft version in Scroll Documents. In most cases, the most recent version is the right choice here.

  7. Select the relevant number of versions to be converted as Saved versions. Saved versions are similar to space versions in Scroll Versions. We recommend leaving out old or outdated versions as this can help keep your new Scroll Document lean.

  8. Click Next.

  9. (Only if variants are active) Select any number of variants to be converted.

  10. (Optional) Adjust the page labels used to assign pages to variants in Scroll Documents.

  11. Go over the Conversion Options and select the ones you find relevant.

  12. Select Start Conversion. When you do so, a copy of your original space will be created which now is managed by Scroll Documents.

  13. Wait for the conversion task to finish. The new Scroll Documents managed space will initially only be available for the user who converted the space.

  14. Navigate to the new space and make sure everything got converted as expected.

  15. Change the space permissions so the required users can access the space.


You have now converted your first space to Scroll Documents before migrating to Data Center or Cloud.

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