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Welcome to the fourth and final phase of your conversion journey!

In this phase, we're gearing up to convert your spaces into Scroll Documents managed spaces. But before starting this final phase, make sure you have followed the steps in the previous phases:

Here's what you'll be doing in the conversion phase:

  1. Health Check: Give your spaces one last Scroll Health Check to make sure they're in good shape for the conversion.

  2. Conversion: Take the leap and start converting your Scroll Versions and/or Scroll Translations managed spaces to Scroll Documents.

The Goal of This Phase

The goal here is to convert your relevant spaces to Scroll Documents. To make it happen, here's what you need to do:

  • Read the articles: Get familiar with how to convert your spaces to a Scroll Document and explore the different conversion options.

  • Do the final health check: Run a last Scroll Health Check to ensure no new blockers have surfaced.

  • Convert the spaces: Take action and start converting your spaces into Scroll Documents managed spaces.

  • Review the result: Make sure everything was converted as expected. This is your final checkpoint before you're all set to start working with Scroll Documents!

Next Steps

Before you run the health check and prepare for conversion, read the articles below:

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