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As you progress in your conversion journey, you are now entering the assessment phase. If you've reached this stage, you have understood the differences between Scroll Documents and Scroll Versions / Translations and have made an informed decision to transition to Scroll Documents.

During the assessment phase, you will:

  1. Evaluate your current app usage: Examine how you are currently using Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations.

  2. Determine the right timing for conversion: After assessing how you are using the legacy apps, you should consider whether your specific use case and setup align with Scroll Documents. If your requirements are not entirely met, you may want to consider postponing the conversion for the time being and letting us know about your blockers.

  3. Gain insight into feature conversion: Get a clearer understanding of what will happen with specific features from the legacy apps when transitioning to Scroll Documents.

The Assess phase is a critical step in ensuring a successful transition, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your conversion. By assessing your current state and understanding how your existing features will transition, you are laying the groundwork for a seamless move to Scroll Documents.

The Goal of This Phase

By the end of this phase, you will have gained a deeper understanding of how your previous setup with the legacy apps translates into Scroll Documents. You will also be able to determine whether now is the right time for you to transition to Scroll Documents.

To gain these insights:

  • Read the articles: The articles in this section will guide you in assessing your current setup and usage of Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations. You'll also discover how to execute and interpret the migration report. These articles also provide valuable insights into how specific features differ when converting to Scroll Documents.

  • Run the Migration Report: Running the migration report offers insight into the spaces you are about to convert, as well as their specific configurations and use of features.

Next Steps

Before running the migration report and assessing your current app usage, start by reading the articles below:

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