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Welcome to the start of your migration journey! Here, we'll help you understand what your move to Scroll Documents will look like. In this phase, you'll:

  1. Explore the conversion: Learn how content moves to Scroll Documents. We'll try to simplify the process so you understand exactly how your data will transition.

  2. Spot differences: Discover the changes you’ll experience between Scroll Versions and Translations and the new Scroll Documents, along with its extension apps.

The Goal of This Phase

By the end of this phase, you can make a well-informed decision about whether Scroll Documents is the right fit for your specific needs. To reach this understanding, we suggest you:

  1. Read the articles: These articles explain the conversion in detail to help your team understand what's different between Scroll Documents and the apps you’re using today.

  2. Try it out: Install a test version of Scroll Documents on Cloud or Data Center and play around with the app. Hands-on experience helps you check if Scroll Documents fits your team's needs.
    (tick) Book a Scroll Documents demo if you want to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

Next Steps

Before you start testing Scroll Documents, we recommend learning about the app and how a conversion works. You can find all the details in the articles below:

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