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Fulfill the Conversion Requirements

In this article, we will provide an overview of the different conversion requirements that should be met before converting to Scroll Documents. Some of these requirements may act as blockers, preventing the conversion, while others serve as warnings, highlighting changes or limitations you may encounter during the conversion process. Understanding these prerequisites is crucial for a seamless transition to Scroll Documents.

In addition to resolving blockers, we recommend trying to resolve as many warnings as possible before converting.

Conversion Requirements for Scroll Documents

In the tables below you’ll find an overview of the warnings and blockers you may encounter when converting to Scroll Documents.

Blockers 🛑



Scroll Documents 3.0 or higher must be installed and enabled.

Ensure that your Confluence instance has the required version of Scroll Documents installed and activated for the conversion.

Warnings ⚠️



Includes between versioned documents not supported.

This space’s Include Library cannot be converted into a separate document. If you proceed, the included pages will be imported into the document. For more information, see: Conversion with Include Libraries

Workflow states assigned to pages won't be available.

Workflow states currently assigned to pages won't be retained post-conversion. Plan for adjustments in your workflow process.

Duplicate page titles within versions not supported.

Scroll Documents doesn’t support duplicate page titles within versions. If a conflict is detected, a number will be added to the end of the page name, e.g. “Introduction 1”.

For more information, read: Conversion with Duplicate Page Titles

Search engine optimization (SEO) won't be available.

Post-conversion, SEO settings will not be available. Please consider alternative approaches for optimizing your content.

Translations Ignore macros will be replaced with content.

Macros related to translation management will be replaced by Scroll Documents own translation macros: Scroll Non-Translatable


Before converting to Scroll Documents, ensure that the mandatory requirements are met to prevent conversion blockers. Additionally, take note of the warnings to understand the changes and limitations that may occur during the conversion process.

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