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Variants in Scroll Documents - Jul'21

Welcome back to K15t’s Cloud Migration News! This time around, it’s all about variants in Scroll Documents, with some updates on Data Residency for our Cloud apps.

Simple but Powerful Variants with Labels

Defining variants of your content can save a lot of time and effort when you’re delivering similar content to different audiences e.g. a user and admin guide. In Scroll Versions, this was done by assigning attributes to pages and creating selection rules for every variant. With Scroll Documents, we decided to simplify this process by basing the rules on page labels without reducing how complex rules can become.

Multiple rules and nested rules are supported

The conditional content macro will also return to allow for paragraphs or even single words on a page to be made conditional.

Release and Migration

Variants for Scroll Documents is expected to be officially released later in this third quarter of 2021, along with a variant integration in our Scroll Exporters.

Starting end of July, we’d like to provide a number of users with beta access in order to test our new approach and collect feedback. If you’d like to be one of the beta testers, just reach out to our migration support team →.

For our existing users managing variants with Scroll Versions, we will provide variant support in our migration tool, which was released with Scroll Versions 4.0.

Atlassian Cloud & Migration News

  • Data Residency for Atlassian Cloud: Starting in October 2021, Atlassian Cloud admins will be able to specify where their content and data are hosted, clearing the way into the Cloud for many regulated organizations. In order to keep pace with Atlassian, we’ve added data residency support for our apps to our Cloud roadmap with the goal of supporting it across all of our apps by , with Scroll ImageMap leading the charge.

  • Good Software Demo Help Center: In order to demonstrate what a help center managed by Scroll Apps and Confluence Cloud can look like, we’ve recently created a demo help center for the fictitious Good Software company. Each of the spaces focusses on a different use case like SAAS, versioned or developer docs. Feel free to use it as an example when setting up your own help center.

Want to discuss your Cloud migration or sign up for the variants beta? Our support team is happy to help!

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