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Content Reuse with Versions

In this article, we'll look at how you can reuse content in Scroll Versions and Scroll Documents respectively. By understanding these differences, you'll get a clearer picture of how each app handles content reuse.

Reuse Content in Scroll Versions

With both Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations, you can reuse content from other spaces with versions or translations. To do this, you create something called an Include Library. It's like connecting two spaces: one where you write and one where you store reusable content. The content can then be reused using a special macro called Include+.

When you move from Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations to Scroll Documents, the way you reuse content changes a bit. In the conversion process, the pages that were included from other spaces before are copied. These copied pages are put under a new parent page named "_SvIncludeLibrary." This keeps the idea of reusing content intact, even in the new Scroll Documents space. However, if you have reused the content in other spaces, the same pages will get copied into those spaces during conversion as well.

To learn more about what happens with a converted Include Library, read: Conversion with Include Libraries

Reuse Content in Scroll Documents

When reusing content in Scroll Documents, you don’t have to use a special macro, but can use the default include macros from Confluence.

There are two common strategies to reuse content:

  • Separate Include Library Space: The first way is to make a normal Confluence space (without Scroll Documents) and use it as an Include Library. This is helpful when you have the same content in multiple documents across different spaces.

  • Include content from within the same space: The second way is to create an "_Include" page in the same space as your document. This "_Include" page sits above the root page of your document and is the parent page of all your reused pages, which makes it easier to browse and identify content that is reused.

No matter which reuse approach you use, Scroll Documents makes it easy to add these pages to your document.

If you want to learn more about reusing content in Scroll Documents, you can read our recommended guide: Reuse Content in Scroll Documents


By looking at how the legacy apps and Scroll Documents handle content reuse, you can see that they each have their own way of doing things. Whether you're using Scroll Versions, Scroll Translations, or Scroll Documents, all apps help you reuse content in your documents. So, no matter which one you choose, you'll be able to work with your content in a flexible and efficient way.

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