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Publish Translations

Publishing multilingual content is necessary for effective technical documentation and enables you to better serve a variety of audiences. Scroll Translations has been widely used for this purpose, offering various publication methods in combination with other Scroll apps such as Scroll Versions.

However, there are differences when converting to Scroll Documents. This article explains the changes in publishing options for multilingual content when converting from Scroll Translations and Scroll Versions to Scroll Documents and its extension apps.

Use cases

Scroll Documents and its extensions are currently optimized for the following use cases:

If you feel the app lacks features to help support your use case, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for feedback:

Publishing Options with Scroll Translations

When using Scroll Translations, content could be published in the following ways:

  • Deliver content to an internal or public help center site with Scroll Viewport. This could be alone or in combination with Scroll Versions.

  • Publish to offline formats such as user guides or manuals with Scroll PDF, Word, or HTML Exporter.

  • Deliver a multilingual intranet by publishing translated content to a new space with Scroll Versions or saved within Scroll Translations-managed spaces.

Publishing Options with Scroll Documents

While Scroll Documents preserves the ability to publish multilingual content to Scroll Viewport and create offline manuals in various formats, some changes are introduced when you manage a multilingual intranet in Confluence:

  • Making multilingual content available in another space: Currently, Scroll Documents doesn't support publishing to different spaces, but you can copy your translated content to an existing space. In the future we plan to introduce a publishing functionality within Scroll Documents. To track the progress, see: DOCS-10

  • Making multilingual content available within the same space: In Scroll Documents, each version and its translations have their own page tree. The language picker is not visible in the default view of a Confluence page, but can be accessed in the Document Toolbox and Document Reader.


Although publishing to other spaces isn't supported yet, future updates will address this. To enhance the reader experience of translations within Confluence, use the Document Reader with its language and version pickers.

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