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Migrate Variants to Scroll Documents - Sep'21

Welcome back to K15t’s Cloud Migration News! This article is all about the release of Variants for Scroll Documents, complete with variant migration and integrations with Scroll Apps.

Variants for Scroll Documents - The New App(roach)

“Variants are like different flavors of your documentation” is a colorful description of the purpose of conditional content and variants and we’re happy to bring these flavors to Confluence Cloud (and Data Center) with our newly released Variants for Scroll Documents app. While most of our users know variants as a Scroll Versions feature, let’s explore what’s different in Scroll Documents.

Labels Are The New Attributes

As we were adapting the variant feature to work well in Confluence Cloud, we decided to drop attributes as we had them in Scroll Versions and use labels instead: both for pages and for paragraph-level conditional content macros. Instead, we created a powerful tool for defining variants rules:

Confluence users are more comfortable using page labels that any newly introduces concept and the new option to add labels to all child pages (see the tip above).

A Modular Scroll App Suite

Another notable change from what users know from Scroll Versions is that Variants for Scroll Documents is a separate app that functions as an extension for Scroll Documents, but has its own Marketplace listing and license. This is a new direction we’re planning to explore with our apps that hopefully will help our users to only license and use the features they need for their particular documentation setup.

Stay tuned for more news on this modular approach in the future!

Migrate Variants from Scroll Versions to Scroll Documents

In our efforts to enable every Scroll Apps user’s migration to Confluence Cloud, developing a new feature is only half the battle – migration is the other half.

Scroll Versions' migration tool has opened the migration by enabling users to create a Scroll Document that resembled their versioned space. Scroll Versions 4.1 introduces support for the migration of versioned spaces with variants:

While the migration is rather straightforward, here are some points current Scroll Versions variants users should be aware of:

  • Simple label rules: Migrated variants are defined with a single rule and label, which the user can customize in the migration wizard as seen in the above screenshot. This label is applied to all pages and conditional content macros that are part of the variant.

  • Block conditional content: Unlike on Server, inline or word-level conditional content isn’t available. In order to work around this restriction, the migration converts these to paragraph-level block macros. Just make sure to check pages that use inline conditional content after the migration.

Atlassian Cloud & Migration News

  • Scroll Viewport SAML beta: Access control for Viewport sites prepares to go to the next level by supporting authentication providers using SAML. If you’re interested, please reach out to our support team.

  • Variant support in Scroll Exporters: Scroll Word and PDF Exporter now support the Variants feature in Scroll Documents, enabling users to create document exports of different variants.

  • Feedback for Viewport sites: The new integration with Hyvor Talk allows users to collect feedback and comments for their documentation. Check out our docs to learn more about how to integrate and make sure to use the 20% Hyvor Talk discount for Scroll Viewport users.

Want to discuss your Cloud migration or sign up for the variants beta? Our support team is happy to help!

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