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Prevent Numbered Page Titles in Duplicate Page Title Conversion

Scroll Versions offers the possibility to have multiple pages with the same page title within the same space using the concept of a permalink (see Duplicate Page Titles for more details). Spaces can have this feature activated in two ways:

  • Intentionally as an individual setting via Scroll Versions Settings.

  • Automatically when a space has been published from a master space that had the feature activated.

As Scroll Documents does not support duplicate page titles in the same way as Scroll Versions, please read this page carefully to understand how to deal with pages that have Duplicate page titles.

You can find out which spaces use Duplicate page titles by running the reporting tool described here:Run the Migration Report

Duplicate Page Titles in Scroll Documents

In Scroll Documents, page names are given a prefix of their version name to avoid conflicts between different versions of the same page. If there is a conflict within a version, the conversion process will make the following additions:

  • A number will be appended to the page title, such as "Introduction 1".

  • The duplicate page title will also be added as a Scroll Page Title to the page, but it can only be seen when viewing the page in the Document reader or Scroll Viewport, or when exporting it using one of the Scroll Exporters.

If you want to avoid the numbers being added to pages with duplicate page titles in your space, continue reading this article.


If you want to ensure that numbered titles are not visible in Confluence, you'll need to manually rename your pages after converting them to Scroll Documents on your On premise system or before migrating them to the Cloud. To clarify:

  • For master spaces with Duplicate page titles activated: You need to manually rename your pages after converting them to Scroll Documents on your On premise system.

  • For spaces where only Duplicate page titles are activated: You need to manually rename the pages before migrating the space with the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant.

The Scroll Documents conversion tool will still display an issue stating that Scroll Documents doesn't support duplicate page titles within versions. – if you have renamed all pages, you can ignore that message.

Again, if you're fine with the numbers in Confluence titles but wish to avoid them in Scroll Viewport, exports using Scroll Exporters, or in the Document reader, there's no need for any specific actions before or after conversion. The new Scroll Page Title will be displayed in Scroll Viewport, Scroll exports, and in the Document reader, so you won't see those numbers.

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