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Updated Look at the Migration Tool - Mar'21

Welcome back to K15t's Cloud Migration news! This month, we have a few announcements to share and would also like to hear from you to learn more about your migration challenges or limitations.

Scroll Documents 3.0 and the Migration Tool Update

One of the less highlighted in-progress items on our Cloud Roadmap is to Prepare Scroll Documents to Support Scroll Versions Functionality. The team is currently working on this item which involves redesigning the Scroll Documents data model in order for the app to support variant and language management later this year. With these changes already underway, here are the updates you can anticipate in the coming weeks:

  • A release of the new data model as a part of Scroll Documents 3.0 which is planned for April 2021.

  • A release of the first iteration of the Migration Tool in Scroll Versions which is planned for the end of April 2021. This tool will enable you to migrate your Scroll Versions-managed spaces to Scroll Documents on Confluence Server, which can then be imported into Confluence Cloud.

Here’s a short demo of the Migration Tool that showcases how it will work. We’re looking for Scroll Versions users who would be willing to test this Migration Tool and offer us feedback ahead of this release. Want to participate? Please fill out the short survey → (which is also linked below).

These releases will officially open the first migration path for Scroll Versions users to migrate their versioned documentation into Confluence Cloud.

Atlassian Cloud & Other Migration News

  • Scroll Exporters macro migration tool: Some of our long-time users might still have Scroll Exporter macros in their content that predate the 4.0 PDF and 4.1 Word Exporters. Previously, those macros needed to be replaced manually in order to migrate a space to Confluence Cloud. This process has now been automated by the newly released migration tool.

  • Include content sources in multiple Scroll Viewport sites: This Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud improvement shipped in March and greatly enables users to now reuse assets and content across multiple Viewport sites, which is particularly helpful when creating customer-specific documentation sites.

  • Atlassian Cloud Migration Assistant Early Access: The Cloud Migration Assistant (CMA) is by far the most convenient way to move into the Cloud, as it handles both content and app migration. As for Scroll Apps, we're currently working on the CMA compatibility of our Scroll Word and PDF Exporters as well as Scroll ImageMap.

Let Us Know Your Plans

When it comes to deciding which cloud or migration feature to develop next, we’re prioritizing carefully and always with our customers in mind. But to keep us on track, we want to consider your needs and understand your team’s challenges more closely.

We would appreciate if you could take this brief, 2-minute survey to give us feedback on your team’s migration status and tell us more about the state of Confluence migration in your company.

Want to discuss your Cloud migration? Our support team is happy to help!

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