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Replace (Excerpt) Include+ macros

This article is for users who have been using the Include+ and Excerpt Include+ macros in spaces that aren't managed by Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations. If this doesn't apply to you, no need to keep reading.

If you've been using Include+ or Excerpt Include+ in spaces controlled by Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations, and you're planning to convert these spaces to Scroll Documents, don't worry about these macros. The built-in conversion tool will handle them smoothly.

In the past, we’ve encountered users that used Include+ and Excerpt Include+ macros in regular Confluence spaces, even though they didn't always work as expected. If you've used these macros in unmanaged spaces and plan to migrate to Cloud (without converting to Scroll Documents) or uninstall the apps, you'll need to replace these macros with their native Confluence counterparts. This article will show you how.

If you're unsure whether your normal Confluence spaces are using Include+ or Excerpt Include+ macros, use the Confluence search to see if any spaces contain the macros:

  1. Click on Confluence Search window.

  2. Find the “Filter By” section.

  3. Set the “Space” filter to filter for your current space.

  4. In the “Search” field paste:

    • macroName:includeplus for Include+ macros.

    • macroName:excerpt-includeplus for Excerpt Include+ macros.

  5. Hit enter on your keyboard, the search should now list all pages in your space which still has Include+ or Excerpt Include+ macros on them.

Replace the Macros

We recommend replacing the macros even if you're not planning to migrate to Cloud or uninstall the apps because these macros are not supported in normal Confluence spaces and may cause issues in the future.

To replace these macros in bulk, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Space Tools > select Scroll Add-ons.

  2. Click Fix Include+ Macros, this will take you to the tool’s overview.

  3. Click Fix macros to bulk replace all Include+ and Excerpt Include+ macros.

For more detailed information, please read our article on Replacing (Excerpt) Include+ Macros.


Using Include+ and Excerpt Include+ macros in unmanaged spaces is not supported. To avoid potential issues, especially if you plan to migrate or uninstall apps, it's best to replace these macros with their native Confluence counterparts. This ensures a smooth and trouble-free experience in your Confluence space.

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