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Publish Versions and Variants

In this article, we'll compare how Scroll Versions and Scroll Documents handle the publishing of versions and variants. This will help you decide how best to share your content.

Scroll Versions: Your Publishing Choices

With Scroll Versions, you have the following publishing options:

  1. Export to offline formats: Create offline assets using K15t’s Scroll Exporter apps.

  2. Confluence publishing: Share directly within Confluence, whether in the same space, a new one, or an existing space.

  3. Scroll Viewport Integration: Integrate with Scroll Viewport to publish to a dedicated online help center.

Scroll Documents: Current and Future Publishing Options

Scroll Documents offers a few options for publishing your versioned and conditionalized content:

  1. Scroll Viewport: Similar to Scroll Versions, Scroll Documents integrates with Scroll Viewport to present your content professionally to external audiences.

  2. Separate Spaces: If your audience is mostly in Confluence, copy your finished version(s) to separate spaces. This lets your team collaborate privately, hiding unfinished work for now, and is a workaround until in-Confluence publishing is available in Scroll Documents.
    (info) The copy workaround does not work if you use variants or translations.

  3. Exporting: Export content to PDF, Word, or HTML for sharing, archiving, or printing offline with the Scroll Exporter apps.

To learn more about these publishing possibilities in Scroll Documents, check out: Can I Publish Content within Confluence Using Scroll Documents?

Scroll Documents doesn't currently support the publishing of document versions as new Confluence spaces. However, we're committed to enhancing this capability. In the future, this feature will provide even more flexibility.

To follow the progress of this publishing feature, we recommend watching this Jira issue: DOCS-10


Both Scroll Versions and Scroll Documents provide methods for publishing your content as branded offline and online assets, with the help of our Scroll Exporter apps and Scroll Viewport. While In-Confluence publishing is not currently supported in Scroll Documents, rest assured that our commitment to feature enhancement means we're actively working on closing this gap. In the interim, Scroll Documents users have the option to copy content to a separate space as a workaround.

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