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Prepare for Your Migration to Scroll Documents - May'23

If you are a user of Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations, you might be familiar with our recommendation to consider a migration to their new generation successor Scroll Documents. When preparing for this migration, we recommend making use of the new migration report.

We’ve just given the report a big overhaul and have added detailed documentation how to work with it.

To learn more about the report and how to use it see:

Why Use the Migration Report?

To achieve a successful migration preparation is key. You can run the report in your Confluence system to get information about all spaces which are using Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations.

The purpose of the report is to help you get an idea of which features of Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations you are using, and how they are supported in Scroll Documents. If the necessary feature support has not yet been implemented, this could be a good indication that you should wait with migration and reach out to our support.

Want to discuss your Cloud migration? Our support team is happy to help!

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