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Enhanced Variant and Language Management: Scroll Documents and its Extension Apps

On this page you’ll learn how Scroll Documents supports variant and language management. We will explain what features are bundled with Scroll Documents out of the box, and in which scenarios our extension apps will make sense for your team.

Variant Management is a core feature in Scroll Versions, while language management is the core feature of Scroll Translations.

If you have not used the variant management functionality in Scroll Versions and / or have never had Scroll Translations installed on your system, you can skip this section.

Variant Management with Scroll Documents

In the domain of content management, variant management enables you to tailor your content to different scenarios or audiences. If you've been using Scroll Versions and are transitioning to Scroll Documents, understanding the way variant management works in the new environment will be important.

Bundled variant management in Scroll Documents

As you transition to Scroll Documents, you'll notice a slight shift in how variants are managed. In Scroll Documents, variants are managed using Confluence page labels, which designate specific pages or paragraphs for your set variants.

With the built-in variant functionality in Scroll Documents:

  • You can create up to 2 variants per document.

  • Manual label editing is available to distinguish between your variants.

  • Simple variant rules are supported, allowing for basic customization.

Unlocking advanced variant management

For those who require more advanced variant management capabilities, the journey doesn't end here. To access the full range of variant management features, you have to install Variants for Scroll Documents, an extension app for Scroll Documents.

Once both apps are installed:

  • Enjoy the freedom of an unlimited number of variants per document.

  • Simplify your workflow with bulk label editing on pages.

  • Harness the power of complex, nested variant rules.

Language Management with Scroll Documents

If you're familiar with managing multiple languages in Scroll Translations, Scroll Documents also supports language management.

Previously, you may have worked with Scroll Translations as a separate app for managing content in various languages. While Scroll Translations is fully compatible with Scroll Versions, the app also functions as a standalone app without requiring version management.

Bundled language management in Scroll Documents

Scroll Documents is centered around the management of technical documentation in Confluence. Since technical documentation frequently has to be available in multiple languages, we have incorporated language management within Scroll Documents:

  • You can manage up to 2 languages per document.

  • You can manually translate your content within Confluence

Unlocking advanced language management

To unlock the complete capabilities of managing multiple languages within Scroll Documents, you’ll need to install Translations for Scroll Documents, an extension app for Scroll Documents.

Once both apps are installed, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage an unlimited number of languages per document.

  • Facilitate both manual translation and external (XLIFF) translation to integrate external Translation Management Systems.

In Summary

The bundled functionality in Scroll Documents offers a glimpse into the potential and might already meet your specific needs. Should you require more than 2 variants or 2 languages per document, the Scroll Documents extension apps, Variants for Scroll Documents and Translations for Scroll Documents, will be there to support you.

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