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Compare, Track, and Review Versions and Variants

In this article, we'll explore and compare the differences in how you can manage content authoring and review processes using Scroll Versions and Scroll Documents.

Author and Review Process with Scroll Versions

Scroll Versions offers its own built-in workflow, which is helpful for keeping track of the status of various pages in a version. Additionally, Scroll Versions integrates with Comala Document Management through an extension app called Comala Document Mgmt for Scroll Versions. This integration allows for more advanced and customized workflow management.

Furthermore, Scroll Versions provides various reports related to workflows, spaces, and versions. These reports are valuable when comparing content across different published spaces and versions.

Author and Review Process with Scroll Documents

While Scroll Documents doesn’t yet have a dedicated workflow feature like Scroll Versions (see future improvement: DOCS-17), it does offer built-in tools to support the authoring and review process:

To learn more about how to best use these features in Scroll Documents, we recommend checking out our use case articles:

If you’re looking for a setup including workflows provided by Comala Document Management, then we recommend reading the following article: Does Scroll Documents integrate with Comala Apps?


Both Scroll Versions and Scroll Documents provide ways to manage your authoring and review processes, but they take slightly different approaches.

With Scroll Versions, you have an integrated workflow and the option to use the Comala Document Management extension for more advanced workflows. You also benefit from comprehensive reports to compare content across various spaces and versions.

On the other hand, Scroll Documents doesn't have a separate workflow feature yet, but offers practical tools like version comparison, activity tracking, read requests, version restrictions, and document version statuses to support your authoring and review needs.

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