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All Paid K15t Cloud Apps Are Now Cloud Fortified - Dec'22

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Confluence or Jira on Cloud, the product development at K15t has always had the highest standards, and the same applies to our customers. Security, reliability, and accessible support is always the highest priority for our apps while enabling customers to customize Atlassian products as per their requirements.

And now we have made it official, as we’re proud to announce that all K15t paid Cloud apps have the Cloud Fortified badge from Atlassian!

What Is an Atlassian Cloud Fortified Badge?

The Atlassian Cloud Fortified Apps Program guides large customers and those with more business-critical operating requirements when it comes to Cloud apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. All apps on the Atlassian Marketplace need to meet certain eligibility requirements of enterprise readiness to apply for the Cloud Fortified Badge.

These include participation in:

  • Security programs:

  • Reliability programs:

    • Core capability Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and tests

    • Incident management

  • Support programs:

    • Provide a support point of contact

    • Respond to a critical, high-severity support ticket within one day (24 hours), 5 working days a week in the Marketplace Partner local timezone

Which K15t Apps Are Cloud Fortified?

Continuing the tradition of being at the forefront of customer oriented offerings, all K15t apps are now Cloud fortified.

Apps for Confluence Cloud

Apps for Jira Cloud


Convinced? Try our Cloud Fortified Apps for free!

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